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Spotify new Television Commercials are like never before seen: Agency Leo Burnet India

Spotify Ad Film Poster

Swedish audio streaming and media service app Spotify is dragging the attention of Indian music lovers with its latest Television Commercials. We had witnessed where many Ad Films were being bought to the consumers with just Background music or one line.

In a few Advertising Films, the actions of the characters who played were predominantly noticed and accepted by Indian consumers. In the same way, Spotify has come up with the idea of delivering the conversation of the characters in the Ad Film with songs.

In the series of commercial films, the first film would take place in a Saree shopping mall, where the two women are seen buying sarees and the shopkeepers would be explaining the significance of the saree that he is showing. The conversation between them was creatively delivered with a song with suitable movements.

The latest sensational song in India from the movie Pushapa – The Rise, which had broken the barriers of the regions in the country and was widely sung by Indians, Vu Antava Mava – Vu Vu Antava Mava. Not Just the appreciation but many criticisms were too gained for objectifying men and their character.

This was the song that would be playing in the background and eventually when the lady asks the guy sitting beside her, he put-off his Head Phones and the song stops playing. The lady asks How about this, the guy replies it is Nice.

Like kate Maje see – Jab Music Chale Spotify Pe

In the same way, the rest of the two films were too delivered using a song to utter the dialogues. One takes place in a Television News Debate and another when the chaos takes place during a traffic jam.

The Ad Network  – The new ad series by @spotify surely tickles your funny bone with their hilarious execution. Which one’s your favorite out of the three? Agency: @leoburnettindia