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ITC Fiama launches Happy Naturals, SARA ALI KHAN features in the new TVC

Fiama Happy Naturals Mists Creative

ITC Fiama introduces a refreshing new product line called Fiama Happy Naturals, inviting consumers to indulge in the experience of fragrance layering for a long-lasting fresh feel beyond just the shower. Leveraging consumer insights, ITC Fiama launches Shower Gels and Perfume Mists under the Fiama Happy Naturals portfolio. The concept of fragrance layering is introduced, allowing individuals to sustain their favorite fragrances throughout the day. Fiama Happy Naturals presents a nature-inspired range of clean beauty products, incorporating natural ingredients to enhance the sensorial experience.

The Perfume Mists and Shower Gels from the Happy Naturals range are dermatologist-tested, safe for sensitive skin, and packaged in recycled materials. The shower gels, made with 97% Natural Origin content, provide a deep soak, while the perfume mists offer a 24-hour sensorial experience. These products are formulated with exotic ingredients, allowing users to enjoy a spritz of bergamot or a dash of lavender for a refreshing boost. The campaign for Fiama’s Happy Naturals features Sara Ali Khan, embracing her love for nature and embodying the brand’s ethos of a natural and happy feeling.

Highlights the importance of skin’s connection to emotions

Mr. Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive of ITC Limited’s Personal Care Products Business Division, highlights the importance of skin’s connection to emotions, stating that Fiama Happy Naturals aims to provide a conscious choice for happy and fresh skin. The range satisfies the consumer need for long-lasting freshness and introduces innovative fragrance layering beyond the shower.

Actress Sara Ali Khan shares her enthusiasm for the Happy Naturals range, emphasizing the impact of fragrances on our emotions. She considers the Happy Naturals products as her go-to self-care ritual, evoking the surprises nature has to offer.

The Fiama Happy Naturals Shower gels, containing 97% Natural Origin content, come in two variants: Plum Blossom & Ylang and Bergamot & Yuzu. The bottles are made with 50% recycled plastic. The Fiama Happy Naturals Perfume Mists, comprising 85% Natural Origin ingredients, offer unique and fresh fragrances. They are suitable for sensitive skin and available in three exciting variants: Plum Blossom & Ylang, Lavender & Tangerine, and Bergamot & Yuzu.

Fiama Happy Naturals Perfume Mists are priced at INR 370, and Shower Gels are priced at INR 259. These products can be found in leading retail stores and e-commerce platforms.