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Avtar Human Capital Trust Awards Scholarships to Girl Students in STEM, Arts & Commerce

Avtar- Project Puthri Creative

Avtar Human Capital Trust (AHCT), the non-profit arm of Avtar Group, a leading Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Solutions firm in India, recently awarded scholarships to girl students from Corporation and Government aided schools in Tamil Nadu. The scholarships, worth Rs 2 lakhs, were presented to the girls at the Avtar office premises in Hyderabad. Dr Saundarya Rajesh, the Founder-President of Avtar Group and Managing Trustee of AHCT, handed over the scholarships in the presence of Ms. Stephanie Copus Campbell AM, the Australian Ambassador for Gender Equality, and Ms. Sarah Kirlew, Australia’s Consul General to South India.

These scholarships were given to the beneficiaries of Project Puthri, an initiative that aims to promote Career Intentionality among underprivileged girls studying in Tamil Nadu’s schools. The selected girls, who are pursuing tertiary education in STEM, Arts, and Commerce, received extensive training in 40 different skills as part of Project Puthri, enabling them to develop intentional careers after completing their education.

Since its launch five years ago, Project Puthri, led by Avtar Human Capital Trust, has positively impacted the lives of over 11,000 girls studying in Government and Corporation Schools in Puducherry and 10 districts of Tamil Nadu. The project’s volunteers have dedicated more than 64,500 hours to conduct over 8,500 sessions across 100 schools in ten different regions.

Dr Saundarya Rajesh emphasized the importance of providing girls with the best educational opportunities

To date, 155 girl students have been awarded scholarships, and the organization aims to support the education of 250 more girls across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, ensuring they have access to quality education and guidance to build sustainable careers. Dr Saundarya Rajesh emphasized the importance of providing girls with the best educational opportunities, career guidance, and mentoring, as they will be the future workforce driving India towards becoming a developed economy.

The Australian Ambassador for Gender Equality, Ms. Stephanie Copus Campbell AM, commended the scholarship recipients for their hard work and dedication. Drawing from her 30 years of experience advocating for gender equality, she highlighted the significance of empowering women and girls. She emphasized that gender equality is essential for peace, security, and socio-economic development, and investing in women’s education and opportunities benefits society as a whole.

By recognizing and supporting the potential of these young girls, Avtar Group’s initiative and the scholarships provided through Project Puthri contribute to creating a positive future for each recipient. The scholarships not only reward their achievements but also pave the way for their personal growth, success, and contribution to India’s progress.