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Rising Demand for Automobile Content in India: Opportunity for Creators and Companies like Animeta

Faisal Khan, Animeta Creator PIC

In India, the automobile industry is rapidly growing, and the demand for automobile content has increased. The trend is expected to continue as the Indian market is expected to grow at a significant pace due to the increase in population, urbanization, and rising disposable incomes. Consumers are also becoming more tech-savvy, and the rise of social media platforms has led to an increase in the demand for digital content.

As a result, more automobile enthusiasts are turning to social media platforms for information, reviews, and entertainment related to automobiles. This trend has created a huge opportunity for automobile content creators, and companies like Animeta are looking to capitalize on this opportunity by providing a platform for creators to showcase their talent and grow their audience.


Animeta Signs India’s Top Automobile Influencer Faisal Khan

Animeta, a creator tech company, has signed India’s biggest automobile influencer, Faisal Khan, under their Automobile creator category. Faisal is the founder of MotorBeam & FK-R, and has a subscriber base of more than 2 million across his channels. With Animeta’s support, Faisal and other Animeta creators can now focus solely on creating content and taking their passion to the next level.

Within the first month of operations, Animeta has onboarded several creators whose total monthly viewership across social media platforms is 1 billion+, and whose cumulative subscriber base is 50 million+. Animeta focuses on 16 key content categories which make up over 80% of social media viewership, and the first set of creators features five of these categories, including Automobile, Travel, People & Vlogs, Science & Facts, and Food & Drink.

The company aims to provide structured banking & financial assistance, creative & production support, and business intelligence to help creators grow scientifically. The company wants to organize the market and produce many professional creators by coming on board as exclusive partners, providing the entire media, brand, strategy, financial & content muscle so that the creators can focus on creating content.