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Pushpa mania dragging the legs of many

Pushpa - The Rise

[Pushpa – The rise], Pushpa Raj mania seems not leaving anyone right now. Pushpa – The Rise sets and created many records after its release country-wide. The journey of a red sandal smuggler was widely accolled and appreciated by the critics. The film mannerism and songs of the film are further taken its mania across the country.

Srivalli song in the movie and its steps are tried by everyone who watched the film. Moving with dragging legs step was re-created by celebrities too. Taking from the Indian cricketers to the influencers many were among the list who reproduced the song mood. Pushpa was a big hit at the box office. In the Covid hard times, the film forced many to go to the theaters to experience the rise of Pushpa. The common man, the stars, the cops made the dialogues and mannerisms in the movie ‘Pushpa’ into spoofs and covers.

Union Ministry too in the list

Recently, politicians are also making good use of ‘Pushparaj’. The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also chosen Pushparaj Dialogue to educate the public on corona regulations. Created a meme with this dialogue and posted it on social media.

The Ministry of Information has recently launched a special Twitter page titled ‘#IndiaFightsCorona @ COVIDNewsByMIB’ to provide the public with the latest information on Covid. On this Twitter account, Allu Arjun’s Pushpa still was edited and put a mask on Bunny.