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Presumed severity of Covid-19 third wave hits Public Relations Agencies in India

Public relations Agencies in india

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 Third wave in India having been caped to a reported ‘not harmful’ reports, very few sectors are witnessing its impact negatively. Except for the international airlines functioning in the country, all the sectors have not been seen any kind of huge crash in the business. But, the predicted third wave has heavily hit the Public Relations (PR) sectors.

In view of the Covid-19 variant of Omicron surge, the clients of PR Agencies have further taken a decision not to get the services till the covid prevail come to an end. Businesses in the market are trying to reduce their cost in many forms. A few are reducing the strength in the staff and few are cutting the expenditure of maintenance.

Apart from the internal decrement in the expenditure businesses are cutting their budget for their Public Relations services, Which is predominantly impacting the PR Agencies. If the Covid cases further spiked in the country and witnessed the situations that devasted the country during the second wave of covid-19, India would have faced yet another Lockdown.

Hospitality industry was way ahead

The market, industries, and service sectors would have to be shut down once again. Taking into consideration the experiences that businesses have faced, many were cautious enough to cut their budgets to service sectors. Public Relations were the first attempt that businesses focused on and initiated to reduce the budget to tackle the presumed financial crisis. Especially, the Hospitality industry was ahead in the race to cut down their budget to Public Relations. Predicting what if the country sees another lockdown, the Hospitality industry took major decisions of preventing their PR agencies from further extending their services.