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Paytm catches that ‘One Word’ it takes business to the users

Paytm - ChakaChaka

Any business that could be defined in one word, would be having more chances to increase its business and prove its existence in the market. The one word that characterizes the business will grab the consumer or user’s attention more.

Likewise, in recent times Paytm has attracted the market attention with its latest Television Commercials, where it has defined its business with just one word. A few months back Paytm had released its TVC, with which it told the user to transfer money from one bank account to another with just a phone number. To Communicate the same in one world, the online payment bank Paytm had used the word “ChakaChaka”, i.e quickly.

In yet another Ad film, that has been released at the end of March 2022, Paytm used the word “Direct” to spell out its benefit to the consumers. These two words are playing a significant role in determining the business of Paytm. And grabbing the market’s attention and well engaging with its targeted users selectively.

Here, the Branding agencies that have worked in creating these Ad Films need to be appreciated. Understanding the client’s requirement and delivering the output in such a way, where there is no looking back is highly commendable.

Pad.Agency has done an incredible job in creating the word “ChakaChaka”, for Paytm. Its back-to-back films for Paytm were well received by the market. Keroscene Films has produced the word “Direct”. These two agencies had well executed their work in terms of giving a right out-put to its Common Client.