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One-liners for brands always reverberate

One-Liners leads to brands success - post

One-liners for any Brand, Product are vital. Those are the gates ways before the brand gets introduced to the consumers. A one-liner simply speaks and makes it clear about the brand what it is meant for. If the one-liner is enough capable of grabbing the attention of the consumers, Apparently it is a sign of the success of the brands and products. Keeping this importance of one-liners in view brands are more cautious about approving it because it creates magic in the market. When we speak about few brands like Asian paints, Center fresh, Tata sky, Sun network, etc brands are popularly remembered by the consumers just because of their one-liners. When the brands are succeded in soaking up their one-liners in consumer’s mouths, the success will find its own way. Catchy one-liners always reverberate in the markets. let’s see few one-liners.

For real estate

  1. Your dream has taken shape…
    Completed housing project awaits for you
  2. Celebrate the joy of having your own house, because it’s your privilege
  3. A ghar Aapka hai..
    Experience the legacy of a new home
  4.  మీ అందమైన కుటుంబానికి పొందికైన ఇళ్లుHome for real happiness

For Hospitality

  1. Forget the world..
    A place to rejuvenate and refresh
  2. Experience our hospitality which makes you feel your Breath
  3. We promise you- we make you feel pleasant
  4. Our heritage of host resembles the rich royalty

For Education sector

  1. Shape your wings in a way to spread out of the world..
    be a part of the world-class education system
  2. Learn to challenge the world.. But not just for survival
  3. Break the barriers.. Be the best in the competitive world
  4. We prepare you to explore the world on your own


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