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Marks+Methods Branding Agency’s Exceptionally creative work for inet fiber

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[Marks+Methods Branding Agency], the Hyderabad-based one of the leading branding agencies has done the creative work for its client Inet fiber Executing the clients’ exceptional branding and requisite approach to reach the consumers, the LOGO itself represents the Network of its client in a unique way.  The significance in the name of the brand is the design of the letter ‘n’, putting some efforts to give a creative touch to the brand name and let consumers know and identify the product, Marks+Methods branding agency has described the n- by replicating the signals. Speaking on the creative work done for its client, Markts+Methods shared.. (from its website)

A brand identity that does not speak for itself, but shows

We created this wordmark to rebrand an internet service, and it’s the mark of everything the brand believes in simplicity, originality, and minimalism exquisiteness. It’s red because it’s the only color that says speed. It’s suave because that’s who they are. The logo for inet is unique for the way it integrates design and wordmark meticulously. This logo will stand out in its business domain, internet providers, as its competitors have an inorganic approach to brand identity and inet will hold people’s attention like no other brand. To accompany this unique visual identity, a non-descriptive verbal identity is necessary to help the brand stay utterly new. ‘Get Set Net’ neatly stays true to the high-speed internet provided by inet, the brand voice, and sets the tone for the audience.

Inet itself describes in the way to Explore real speed

marksand-methods-branding-inet fiber
marksand-methods-branding-inet fiber

‘We make the internet simply accessible and enjoyable. Now that it has become a necessity that is making our lives better, Inet has worked on making broadband service more powerful so that your work and entertainment do not wait for anything. Choose a plan that suits your needs, activate on the go, and explore the fastest and unbridled broadband with Inet fiber. Your new superpower is speed now.

Marks+Methods had delivered its services to prominent clients in the past, like, Sumedha Tech Services, Gastro Clinics, MeatJoy, Inkube, Walker’s Diary etc..

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