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Bring Out the Devi In You- Navaratri Series by Fashion designer Shilpa Reddy

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Shilpa Reddy, a Model and an Entrepreneur in the field of Fashion Designing, gives tribute to the feminine energy in the name of Bring Out The Devi In You- Navaratri Series, on the occasion of the Vijayadasami. She believes the feminine can be tender, nurturing, creative and can also be fierce, powerful, a well as destructive. In her series of posts on Instagram with outfits portraying Maa Durga, is eye-catchy. In her series of posts, she went up to write and describe the Nava Durga in nine forms of energies. In her first post, before showcasing the forms of Maa Durga, she wrote ‘Bring out the DEVI in You’, Navratri series by – Shilpa Reddy.
Nava Durga is nine forms of energy. Attributing to the three dimensions of The feminine. Shakti Is dynamic energy that is responsible for the creation, resides within us. We are spiritual beings & Our bodies or not just flesh and bone, they can become temples and can evoke either the divine or the Demon. The Feminine can be tender, nurturing & creative & can also be fierce, powerful & destructive. This is my tribute to celebrate the feminine energy in all its forms and dimensions to own them & to embrace them. STAY TUNED Navratri 2021.

The first avatar of Maa Durga is Shailputri

The name ‘Shailaputri’ literally means the daughter (Putri) of the mountain (Shaila). When you reach the peak of any experience or feeling, you experience the emergence of the Divine consciousness, because it always surges from that peak. This is the hidden meaning behind Shailaputri. Goddess Shailputri symbolizes the power of spiritual awakening and helps people find purpose in life.

The second avatar of Maa Durga is Brahmacharini

Brahman means That which has no end, no shore nor beginning; That which is omnipresent and beyond which there is nothing; It is the ultimate and all-pervading. Bramhacharini is all about bliss and happiness, she paves the path to emancipation or moksha. Brahmacharya means not indulging in small things, not getting stuck in small limited things but indulging in the whole. The goddess symbolizes determination and dedication which are at the core of our existence.

The third manifestation is Goddess Chandraghanta

Chandra (Moon) means the mind. The mind keeps having its ups and downs. Chandra also signifies the various feelings or shades of emotions and thoughts. Ghanta means a bell. Do you ever hear multiple sounds from a bell? No matter how you play it, only one kind of sound comes from the bell. In the same way, when the mind that is scattered and entangled in different thoughts and emotions gets consolidated and established at one point. Then it gives rise to The divine energy within us Which becomes one-pointed and rises up. Her name literally means the bell of the moon depending upon the nature of the situation, she can be both benevolent and fierce, something that we must all emulate. While we do need to be calm and composed at all times, but when circumstances demand, we should be fierce enough to make our voice heard.


The fourth form of the Mother Divine is called Kushmanda

This avatar of the goddess is considered the creator of the universe. Anda” here means the Cosmic Egg or the Cosmic Sphere. “Ku” means small, “sh” means Energy. Kushmanda’ means a ball of energy, prana. Pumpkin is also called Kushmanda. Because pumpkin has the maximum Prana. The Prana pervades this entire Universe from the smallest to the largest. From small it becomes big and from big it becomes small. From the small seed it becomes a huge fruit, and from the huge fruit, it comes back into seed. this is why the Mother Divine is also called Kushmanda. It means that the Mother Divine manifests as the Prana, as the energy within us the manifestation of intelligence pervading everywhere in creation is the meaning of Kushmanda.
The fifth form of the Mother Divine is Skandamata
who represents the coming together of Jnana Shakti (power of knowledge) and Kriya Shakti (power of righteous action). Skanda is the combination of these two. Skandamata is that form of the Divinity that brings practical wisdom and action together. It is said that the Devi represents the confluence of Iccha Shakti (power of intention).. Jnana Shakti (power of knowledge) … and Kriya Shakti (power of righteous action). When the Shiva Tattva unites with these three powers, then what emerges is Skanda. In order to resolve the problem you need to act, you need to put knowledge into action. So when you take action that is guided by knowledge, it is the Skanda Tattva that manifests. And Goddess Durga is considered as the mother of the Skanda Tattva. “Bring out the DEVI in you “


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Nava Durga series – by shilpa Reddy @shilpareddy.official
“ Bring out the DEVI in you “
Supported by
Saris – @kankatala_
Jewellery – @vasundharadiamondrf photography – @artem.enterprise
Hair and makeup- @gotomirrors
Venue partners – @nconventionhyd
Blouses- @shilpareddyofficial
Styling – @jukalker

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