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Strategies Matter: KCR decided to work with Prashant Kishor!

Telangana CM KCR PIC

IN the game of politics, you work with the one who may or may not be your friend. The growing demand for something that gives an additional benefit to others is enough parameter that let them work together.

Amidst the strong speculations of Political strategist Prashant Kishor joining the Congress Party, the ruling party TRS in Telangana is in the mood to give a nod to work with Prashant Kishore. TRS strongly believes that Prashant Kishore would be an added advantage to the party in the coming General elections.

In view of the fact that the BJP plays a strong Hindutva agenda in the country to polarise the people on religious bases, TRS mulls strategies something that overcomes BJP in Telangana, and prevent them. In recent times, PK had presented a solid Presentation to the Congress High Command to defeat BJP in India in the coming Loksabha Elections.

It is learned that he has suggested Congress focus on 370 Loksabha seats in the country and also have an alliance with like-minded parties in different states. Congress has not refuted PK’s suggestion and the President of the party had sought the internal leaders to work on his suggestions over how well the plans could be executed.

When it comes to Telangana, Congress is the main opposition to TRS in the state. In spite of the fact, that PK is Joining Congress, the TRS supremo, the Chief Minister of the state KCR is ready to work with Prashant.

Leaving the national political equations aside, TRS has decided to work with Prashant and his team for the ensuing election. Because of the professional integrity of Prashant Kishore and his team, in working with different parties in different states, the parallel mindset always seeks to work with them.

However, the raising polarisation activities by BJP in the country throws a big challenge to the secular forces to let their voice be heard by the people.