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HydroCleaner Now available in the Hyderabad Market by 24 SIPS- An Eco-Friendly cleaning and disinfectant solution

HydroCleaner, an eco-friendly cleaning and disinfectant solution

Hyderabad: Since the deadly virus spreads its claws out, the focus of mankind gradually shifted towards protecting their health. Every nook and corner of their surrounding is being victimized and suspected presuming the threat that the deadly virus left. Human beings on the globe strive during the pandemic for protecting their health. When we will have to speak about the ultimate behavioral changes that occurred in recent times are cleaning hands frequently and making the surroundings clean.

In this regard, people opted to try different disinfectant machines available in the market. The surge in usage of these machines increased considerably. And these anti-virus machines have been inducted into our houses for many reasons. Likewise in providing the best, 24 SIPS, a brand that is a leader in Facilities Management Services introduced a Hydroclean- An Eco-Friendly cleaning and disinfectant solution into the Hyderabad Market, in collaboration with Ecofuge Trades & Services Pvt. Ltd (A Kerala-based company), said Satyanarayana, Managing Director of 24 SIPS.

The product was launched by Dr. Claude Begel, Chairman Symbiowiss, Switzerland, CN Rao, CFO Divyasree NSL, and Srikanth Badiga, Group Director, Phoenix Group. Claiming firmly Dr. Claude Begel said Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are the future. It is certified by the Swiss Ministry of Health and authorized in Indian laboratories, said Kuncheria Thomas, MD of EcoFuge adding that consistently using chemical disinfectants can do more harm than good both for the environment and for us.

HydroClear is environmentally friendly and is biodegradable.  It is the next-generation cleaning and disinfection solution. It consists of oxidizing agents which is effective against pathogenic microorganisms.  It works on the electrochemical activation method, where in-water passes through specially designed electrodes to produce chemical-free bio-degradable cleaning and disinfectant solutions.

It removes microorganisms in a very effective way, which is demonstrated in biological tests. It provides solutions to commercial establishments such as hospitals, the hospitality industry, and others. The HydroCleaner is a product produced as an outcome of 9 years of research.  It produces up to 18 highly performing solutions for disinfection and cleaning usages, state the firm. It is easy to use and is one-step cleaning and disinfection process.

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