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Elder Care Services: Anvaya Collaborates With StanPlus

Anvayaa and StanPlu

Hyderabad: In view of the concerns raised in recent times during the pandemic to those staying physically away from their parents due to professional reasons, has bought many opportunities for innovative start-ups to deliver their services for Elder Care. 

The growing market trends for Elder Care are allowing the service providing platforms to extend their footprints with different services not just availing, but quick.

Likewise, many start-ups have been launched in India. Anvaaya, an Elder Care service platform that had already proven its existence in the market, in partnership with StanPlus, a full-stack medical assistance startup, has now announced an app-based emergency response platform for the elderly to achieve faster ETA, real-time tracking, and quick response rate. 

With the new app-based platform, the partnership aims to reduce the estimated Time of arrival for the Ambulance as the drivers will now have real-time information about the location, condition, contact details and drop locations of the elderly patients.

Speaking on their new association, Mr. Prashanth Reddy, Founder and Managing Director of Anvayaa said; “We use the technology to support all elderly and senior citizens who live by themselves. Technology enables us to be pinpoint in delivering the services. The new app platform is another step in providing trustable, faster, and empathetic emergency care to the elderly in Hyderabad.

By partnering with Stanplus, we have been able to help and serve the elderly in a seamless way for any SOS or patient transfers during the time of emergencies”.

“Today, StanPlus is a full-stack medical assistance platform that is building the entire tech needed for all ecosystem players to enable emergencies on their platform. Anvayaa assists one such vulnerable ecosystem, the elderly, who need faster, quicker, and constant care and response in times of emergencies.

According to data, each minute of delay in accessing healthcare in time reduces survival chances in the elderly by 7-10%. We are committed to delivering our full-stack medical assistance to ensure we save more and more lives through this partnership.” – Prabhdeep Singh, Founder & CEO, StanPlus