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Vitesco Technologies is aiming to become a global powerhouse: Andreas Wolf, CEO of Vitesco Technologies

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Hyderabad:Vitesco Technologies is aiming to become a global powerhouse in the field of electrification. Recent incoming orders have endorsed our consistent approach in this respect,” said Andreas Wolf, CEO of Vitesco Technologies.

Vitesco Technologies, a leading international provider of innovative drive technologies and solutions for electric mobility, intends to become even more powerful in organizational terms. At its meeting today, the Supervisory Board approved the company’s plans to bring together its four current business units – Electronic Controls, Electrification Technology, Sensing & Actuation, and Contract Manufacturing – into two completely reorganized units: the future divisions “Powertrain Solutions” and “Electrification Solutions”.

Responding to this Andreas Wolf, CEO of Vitesco Technologies said “The planned organizational changes are a logical next step in the context of the objectives we defined in our DIRECTION 2030 strategy. We are convinced that the two strong divisions we are creating through these structural changes will be able to react faster and more efficiently to the challenges of the marketplace.

The new structures will not only provide us with the perfect opportunity to ensure both, growth and add value, at Vitesco Technologies, they will also help safeguard our competitiveness.

 “The planned organizational changes are designed to let us make targeted use of our resources and enable closer collaboration between our experts,” says Ingo Holstein, CHRO of Vitesco Technologies.

“This is not a case of a restructuring designed to reduce the size of the workforce. On the contrary, this is all about positioning Vitesco Technologies with its expertise and its people in the best possible way to meet the requirements of the future” he added.