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Unseen efforts behind making a film by Be-water-films

bewater films

Grappling attempts by creative minds in making a film and the efforts they put in executing a film were well described by Bewater films, during their shoot for Cycle Agarbaties.

[bewaterfilms]: Things that we could count on are mentioned in the post.. but for the countless effort, pls check out the making of the film.

12 months in the making.
176 hours of shooting.
9 TB footage.
9 Miniature Landscapes.
5 Unique installations.
5 Unique Arrangements.
3 months of post-production
40 kgs Kumkum
40 kgs Turmeric
40 kgs Chandanam
40 kgs Vibhuti
30kgs Sambrani Powder
2000 Camphor tablets
1000 Agarbatti sticks
500 Cow dung cakes
1000 Cone Sambranis
1000 Sambranis
1000 Jumbo cup sambranis
500 Diyas
and more puja products
Endless experiment sessions.
Infinite passion.
Insane obsession.

All mixed with countless cups of tea, coffee, improvisation, and revision, recording, re-recording, editing, deleting, repeating, and testing everyone’s patience and resilience.

The result?
1 divine film.


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