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SLG Hospitals organizes ‘Epilepsy’ awareness camp to mark “International Epilepsy Day”


A simulation session was conducted to sensitize participants about the problem. Over 150 people from all walks of life attended the awareness session held at the Hospital.

Hyderabad: Second Monday of February each year is observed as the International Epilepsy Day to promote awareness of epilepsy in more than 120 countries. SLG Hospitals, fast emerging into one of the leading healthcare providers in South India, on the eve of International Epilepsy Day organized a sensitization and awareness camp at the hospital to celebrate and highlight the problems faced by people with epilepsy. The camp was attended by over 150 people from all walks of life.

Misconceptions and discrimination are a bigger problem

Speaking at the awareness camp, Dr. Abhinay M. Huchche, Consultant Neurologist, SLG Hospitals said, “Though it is one of the oldest known medical disorders, misunderstandings and fears persist on epilepsy; and this leads to reluctance to discuss this problem among people. And it is this reluctance that leads to people with this condition facing discrimination in society at large. It is not the actual seizures, but the misconceptions and discrimination are a bigger problem to overcome for those with epilepsy.”

“SLG Hospitals organized a camp to create awareness about the issue, and sensitize the society at large on to deal with people with epilepsy. The simulation session, discussion around the topic, and the response from the participants were quite encouraging. And it is camps and sessions like these which will help us grow into an open society that accepts people with epilepsy with an open heart,” added Dr. Suma, Senior Neurologist, SLG Hospitals.

Adding further, Dr. Raghavendra, Consultant Neuro Surgeon, SLG Hospitals said, “It is estimated that there are more than 10 million people in India with epilepsy linked problems, and many among them do not receive right treatment due to the existing awareness gap. The lack of knowledge of antiepileptic drugs, poverty, cultural beliefs, stigma, poor health infrastructure, and shortage of trained professionals contribute to the treatment gap. Sessions like these will help bridge that gap and build a healthier India.”

50 million people affected around the world

It is estimated that nearly 50 million people of all ages around the world are affected by epilepsy; and the World Health Organization in a report states, it is imperative to scale up global efforts to address epilepsy, substantially. WHO calls for a well-coordinated and sustained action plan to ensure all people with epilepsy around the world can live free from stigma and discrimination in society. The WHO report focuses on low-income sections, where 75% of people living with epilepsy do not have access to effective and low-cost anti-seizure medicines. As a result, their risk of dying prematurely is increased and many are condemned to a life of stigma.

About SLG Hospitals

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