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SLG Hospitals commemorates “World Kidney Day” with an awareness talk

SLG Hospitals

Hyderabad: SLG Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare facilities in the city, today conducted a ‘Health Talk’ on Kidney care, to commemorate “World Kidney Day”. The talk was conducted by Dr. P Vijay Varma, Consultant Nephrologist, and by Dr. Sivaraj Manoharan, Consultant Urologist, Andrologist, and Renal Transplant Surgeon. Many kidney patients, their caregivers, and common people attended the talk.

March 10th this year is observed as World Kidney Day with the objective to raise awareness globally on the importance of Kidney Health and to increase screening for chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney diseases affect 1 out of 10 adult people worldwide, and if left untreated it can be deadly, leading to be the fifth leading cause of death by 2040.

It’s a serious menace in India

Talking at the session, Dr. P Vijay Varma said, “Though there are no exact numbers available, kidney-related ailments is a serious menace in India, and it is estimated that at least 800-900 people in every million population are probably suffering from chronic kidney diseases; and nearly 150 to 200 among these are suffering from end-stage renal diseases. Unless we educated people on risks to kidney, and how these complications can be mitigated, India might be staring into a major healthcare disaster in the times ahead.”

“We as healthcare practitioners come across people who ignore early warning signs like high blood pressure and diabetes. And unfortunately, this leads to severe complications like kidney ailments. In addition to decreased urine output, signs like nausea, weakness, fatigue are rightly linked to kidney problems. It is important people are made aware of the need to take good care of their kidney health,” added Dr. Sivaraj Manoharan.

The health talk was inaugurated by Mr. Dandu Siva Rama Raju, CMD, and Mr. D V S Soma Raju, Executive Director, SLG Hospitals. Hospital is always at the forefront of creating awareness on various ailments and their cure in society. The hospital has been organizing many such health talks and knowledge sessions on issues adversely impacting humankind.