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Shantanu Deshpande discloses Bombay Shaving Company’s best kept secret

Bombay Shaving Campany

Visage Lines Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of Bombay Shaving Company and Bombae, has made a surprising revelation about its lesser-known D2C Services arm, Shantanu Deshpande, the Founder & CEO of Bombay Shaving Company, took to LinkedIn to share an intriguing dimension of Visage Lines’ business. Apart from their successful personal care brands, the company has quietly been expanding its expertise in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) space. What initially began as an experiment two years ago has now blossomed into a thriving venture.

According to Shantanu’s post, Visage Lines has achieved remarkable growth in D2C business for renowned brands like Durex through their end-to-end and comprehensive services. With the backing of investor confidence and a proven model, VLPCPL’s D2C arm,, has attracted an impressive roster of clients. To further enhance their value proposition for companies in 2023, the team has been bolstered with the expertise of Maninder Singh, who played a pivotal role in establishing the Bombay Shaving Company’s D2C ecosystem.

It’s noteworthy that while many D2C brands are seeking stability through acquisitions during challenging times, Visage Lines is taking a different approach by revolutionizing traditional business operations for both its own brands and established industry players.

Success stories stem from effective customer cohorting

Maninder Singh of, VLPCPL, expressed their unique advantage, stating, “As a consumer products company serving nearly 700,000 Indians, we understand the intricacies of creating scalable D2C and digital experiences. Unlike others, we can accurately identify problem areas early on and deploy talent and technology at strategic points in the value chain. Our success stories stem from effective customer cohorting, efficient performance marketing, in-house content creation, and a robust CRM network. These factors contribute to lower customer acquisition costs and improved business efficiency. Moreover, our existing backend infrastructure allows for seamless customization at scale. We apply these services for ourselves and are delighted to extend them to others.”

Shantanu Deshpande, the Founder and CEO of Bombay Shaving Company, Visage Lines Personal Care Pvt. Ltd., emphasized the company’s foundation on the shifting landscape of Indian consumption and the transition from products to experiences, and offline to online. He expressed their willingness to share their expertise in developing a robust D2C ecosystem, which they have successfully achieved with Bombay Shaving Company and Bombae, to benefit both established businesses and the new generation of Indian consumers and users.

In summary, Visage Lines Pvt. Ltd. has disclosed the impressive growth of its D2C Services arm,, which has been instrumental in driving the D2C business for brands like Durex. With their comprehensive services, expertise, and existing infrastructure, Visage Lines aims to provide value to large legacy players by reimagining traditional business operations in the ever-evolving Indian market.