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Shahid Kapoor and Mira’s banter- Just Beacuse of OnePlus TV

Oneplus TV- Shahid Kapoor-Mira Kapoor ad

Bollywood Star Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Kapoor shared the screen for the new OnePluse Tv U1S Ad film. The film mostly speakers about the Speak Now feature of the Television- that listens to everything. The banter between the Husband and wife is funny, who wants the television to listen to them. When Shahid says to play cricket, Mira says No, which ends up with the background saying – The Speak Now features listen to everything. Sharing something about its seamless Speak Now feature OnePluse said To get instant access to your favorite choice with Speak Now. Its new voice command feature seamlessly integrates with Google Assistant, allows you to search, play, and connect hands-free.

Even when the Speak Now feature on the OnePlus TV U1S got Shahid Kapoor really imaginative, Mira exactly knew how to show him the real picture. When we will have to talk about the picture quality, Oneplus can display over one billion brilliant colors. Discover a whole spectrum of true-to-life tones with WCG (Wide Color Gamut) that covers 93% of the DCI-P3 color space. Video game lovers will have a great experience of play on Oneplus TV, Smart cast lets you enjoy smartphone content on your big screen with Miracast, DLNA, and Chromecast. With the well-balanced sound profile, the OnePlus delivers booming stereo.

Speaking on his collaboration with OnePlus, The Kabir Singh actor said,  As passionate enthusiasts of technology and innovation, Mira and I are thrilled to be partnering with OnePlus. The company’s commitment to quality, rich features and premium accessibility is sure to make OnePlus TVs a preferred home product for any home.”

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