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Samsung TV service Ad film touches 21 crore views- A Television Commercial that brings tears of joy

Samsung Tv service ad film

[Samsung TV Service Ad film]- In the year 2016 Samsung released an Ad film, to let the user know about its new service, of being at your doorsteps to serve its customers if they face any issues. In the name of ‘We will take care of you, where ever you are’ it had released a 4-minute Television Commercial i.e. Samsung India Service (SVC).

When the Television commercial was released, it just bagged the whole advertising industry’s attention by its positive vibes spreading video commercial. An executive from Samsung, named Amith, starts his journey to deliver his duties. He faces lots of hardships while reaching his destination. Meanwhile, the song lyrics just make you feel it. It completely drags your ultimate attention to view the entire video. ‘

Like a river, you flow, with the sky in pursuit

you flow like a river that gurgles, Like a river

These are the lyrics in the film that abruptly make your absolute presence just flows like a river. The song lyrics, and especially the Music is a classic. With the added Emotional angle in the films, the Television Commercial was widely applauded by the Advertising industry people.

It is not just an ad film, it’s an emotional journey that eventually brings out positive vibes within you. Giving a happy ending to the film, the ultimate singing talent of a girl, and the unequivocal support he receives from his friends will bring tears of joy for you.

Samsung Customer Service Campaign became YouTube’s Most-Watched Video Globally in 2017. Samsung firmly says When it comes to relationships, distances don’t matter We will take care of you, wherever you are. That’s why Samsung Service (SVC) vans go to every corner of the country to ensure that we are with you when you need us. (Rishthe Nibhane Kelia Kabhi Kabhi Dhoor Jana Padtha Hai. Islia Samsung service vans Jathe hai Deshke Kone Kone thank)

When the commercial was released, Samsung proudly said, With 535 Samsung customer service (SVC) vans and more than 3,000 Samsung service (SVC) points across India, we are just a call away. The ad film has touched 211,706,560 views till Oct 5th, 2021. we can understand the impact it had given on the advertising industry and for the video lovers who were eagerly waiting to see the best.


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