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Paradise Biryani: A Legendary Journey of 70 Years and Counting

Recognized for its exceptional accomplishments,

Hyderabad, 8th May 2023: Paradise Biryani, the iconic biryani brand cherished by millions of food enthusiasts, is commemorating its 70th anniversary on 1st September. For seven glorious decades, Paradise has been serving authentic Hyderabadi biryani to not only the people of Hyderabad but also to biryani lovers across India. What began as a humble endeavor has transformed into an emotion, symbolizing the essence of Hyderabadi Delicacy.

Special offers to celebrate the occasion

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, Paradise has unveiled special 70th-anniversary offers. Customers can indulge in the Royal chicken biryani for just Rs. 199/- and savor the Nizami chicken biryani for Rs. 299/-. Additionally, upon request, extra biryani rice will be provided free of cost. These exclusive celebration offers are available at all Paradise outlets in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh throughout the seventieth-year festivities.

Expanded menu for biryani lovers

In recent months, Paradise has expanded its menu to cater to the diverse palates of biryani lovers. They have introduced enticing new biryanis and kebabs, including the fiery Biryani for spice enthusiasts, Dakshin Biryani and Kebabs for those craving South Indian flavors, and the fusion-inspired Peri Peri Biryani & Kebabs, offering a delightful blend of traditional dum biryani with exciting new tastes. During the auspicious Ramzan season, Paradise delighted its patrons with the addition of chicken haleem and a family haleem pack, enhancing the festive celebrations.

Over the course of seventy years, Paradise has always prioritized quality and hygiene. Adhering to stringent safety protocols and hygiene standards, the brand ensures that every dish is prepared with utmost care before it reaches the diners’ tables. Guests can trust in the consistent taste and uncompromising quality that Paradise has maintained throughout its remarkable journey.

Recognized for its exceptional accomplishments

Recognized for its exceptional accomplishments, Paradise has been featured in the esteemed Limca Book of Records for serving the ‘Most Biryanis in a Year.’ In 2017, they served over 70 lakh biryani portions, a number that soared to over 90 lakhs in 2018. The brand has also been honored with prestigious awards such as the ‘Restaurant Serving The Best Biryani’ at the Asia Food Congress and the Golden Spoon Award at the India Food Forum in 2018. Throughout the years, Paradise has received numerous accolades from esteemed institutions and associations, including the Telangana State Hotels Associations, GHMC, Times Food Award, Pride of Telangana, and the Lifetime Achievement Award, among others.

As Paradise Biryani embarks on its 70th year, it continues to captivate the taste buds and hearts of biryani aficionados, embodying the rich legacy of authentic Hyderabadi biryani.