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Neuberg Diagnostics social service work at MNJ Cancer Hospital

Neuberg Diagnostics

[ Neuberg Diagnostics] Hyderabad: On the occasion of World Cancer Day, Neuberg Diagnostics, India’s fourth-largest pathology service provider donated blankets to the pediatric ward in MNJ Cancer Hospital. This is in line with Neuberg’s commitment to reach out to the affected section of society and lend relevant support.
Mr. A Ganesan, Group Vice Chairman, Neuberg Diagnostics said, “In India, around 50,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. Keeping in mind the bumps that these children need to navigate, Neuberg Diagnostics has donated these blankets to comfort and cheer them up while they bravely fight cancer. We wish all these children a speedy recovery.”

Dr. Sirisha, Consultant Pathologist, Neuberg Diagnostics was present at the institute during the event. Talking about awareness and symptoms that parents need to watch out for, she said: “Symptoms are different for different cancers, but children who have cancer have poor growth, poor weight gain, and decreased appetite. One must get their children evaluated on seeing these symptoms.”

Neuberg Diagnostics has carried out similar initiatives in Sion Hospital Mumbai, SSPGI Hospital Noida, and Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.