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MTAR Technologies reports a PAT of 13.3 Cr with 50.5% YoY increase


Hyderabad: MTAR Technologies Ltd (“MTAR”), a leading precision engineering solutions company engaged in manufacturing and development of mission-critical precision components with close tolerances and critical assemblies catering to nuclear, space, defense, and clean energy sectors has announced its financial results for the third quarter ended on 31st December 2021.

YoY Q3 FY 22 Vs Q3 FY 21

  • Revenue from operations stood at Rs. 78.1 crore as against Rs. 55.2 crore in Q3FY21, 41.4 % increase YoY
  • EBITDA reported at Rs 22.8 crore in Q3 FY 22 as compared to Rs. 17.5 crore in Q3FY21, 30.3% increase YoY
  • Profit Before Tax stands at Rs 18.7 crore as against Rs. 12.4 crore in Q3FY21, 50.9% increase YoY
  • Profit After Tax reported was at Rs. 13.3 crore as against Rs. 8.8 crore in Q3FY21, 50.5% increase YoY
  • Diluted EPS stands at Rs. 4.3 per share for Q3 FY 22 as against Rs. 3.3 per share for Q3 FY 21

YTD FY 22 Vs YTD FY 21

  • Revenue from Operations for YTD FY 22 stood at Rs. 223.4 crore as against Rs. 177.3 crore for YTD FY 21, 26.0% increase YTD YoY
  • EBITDA for YTD FY 22 reported at Rs 66.7 crore as compared to Rs. 53.0 crore for YTD FY21, 25.8% increase YTD YoY
  • Profit Before Tax for YTD FY 22 stands at Rs 58.4 crore as against 39.6 for YTD FY 21, 47.5% increase YTD YoY
  • Profit After Tax for YTD FY 22 was at Rs. 41.1 crore as against Rs. 28.1 crore for YTD FY 21, 46.3% increase YoY
  • Diluted EPS for YTD FY 22 stands at Rs. 13.4 per share as against Rs. 10.5 per share for YTD FY 21

Operational Highlights

  • Revenue from Exports increased by Rs. 31.0 crores in Q3 FY 22 in comparison with Q3 FY 21, an increase of 151.1%. YTD FY 22 Revenue from Exports increased by Rs. 51.4 Cr in comparison with YTD FY 21, an increase of 61.4%
  • Order book as on 7 Feb 2022 stands at Rs. 599.6 crores as per our expectations
  • Received new orders for roller screws and electro-mechanical actuators; products that are currently under development
  • Declared interim dividend of Rs. 3/- per share
  • Received an upgrade in credit ratings from A- (Positive) to A (Stable) from ICRA

We are confident of an accelerated growth

Commenting on the results, Mr. Parvat Srinivas Reddy, Managing Director & Promoter, MTAR Technologies, said, “MTAR has clocked a revenue of Rs. 78.1 crores with a YoY growth of 41.4%. We have posted an EBITDA of Rs. 22.8 crores with YoY growth of 30.3% and a net profit of Rs. 13.3 crores with YoY growth of 50.5%. Domestic order inflows from Civil Nuclear Power, Space & defense sectors are expected to be fast-tracked over the coming quarters. Union budget 2022 aligns with Government’s commitment to promoting the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative and indigenization, which positions the Indian manufacturing sector to grow at a rapid pace. Amidst a conducive macro-economic environment backed by a robust order book, we are confident of witnessing an accelerated growth over the coming quarters.”