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If Cong. is preparing for Lok Sabha Polls in Karnataka, Siddaramaiah would be announced as the CM

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Despite the celebration of the party’s victory in the state of Karnataka for the past 48 hours, the suspense within the Congress party regarding the announcement of the Chief Minister candidate has yet to be resolved.  The ongoing speculation of becoming the next CM of Karnataka are centered around the former Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah and the PCC Chief MR. DK Shiva Kumar. But, No other names managed to take space in the minds of the party’s high command. 

Eye on 28 Lok Sabha Seats:

In spite of Mr. Siddaramaiah and DK Shiva Kumar’s supporters are claiming the possibilities of their beloved leaders taking the oath as the CM of the state, the party’s high command is reportedly eyeing in not just deciding the name of the Chief Minister, but preparing for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in the state of Karnataka. Karnataka consists of 28 Lok Sabha seats, in which the Bhartiya Janata Party won 24 in the previous, 2019, elections.  As the Congress party created the much needed victory in the Assembly Elections in Karnataka, before facing the other states elections in the coming December,  now the ball in the Congress Party’s court to hit a big number in the Lok Sabha Polls

Siddaramaiah is the only option:

In view of the Lok Sabha Election in Karnataka, that will be held in 2024, the Congress Party is carefully examining before finalizing the Chief Minister Candidate. As the Lok Sabha Elections are approaching soon, to prepare the ground and the mood to make a big win in the state, the only option that Congress party consist was Mr. Siddaramaiah. 

See the big picture:

There are some justifying factors on the ground if the cadre sees the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the big picture. The election are not more than 1 year away, in this case to create a positive and un-interrupted administrative & development activities in  the state, the congress must choose Mr. Siddaramaiah. 

BJP will make all its efforts to itch DK

Before the Lok Sabha elections, if Mr. DK Shiva Kumar named as the Chief Minister Candidate of the state, the BJP would sharpen its political weapons to tackle him and prove its existence in Karnataka. 

With the alleged disproportionate cases that were filed against Mr. DK Shiva Kumar, the BJP would activate “Its Under Controlled Forces” to minimize DK and his ruling in the state. Reportedly, BJP may go to any extent to prevent the Congress Government in the state and defame it at any cost by creating uncertainty in the state administration. If the Congress Chief Minister faces the allegation, before the Lok Sabha election, the party would definitely suffer hugely in the coming elections. 

Until the Lok Sabha Elections:

In view of this, the congress party had no chance, but has to announce Mr. Siddaramaiah was its Chief Minister Candidate to run a stable government in the state until the Lok Sabha Elections. Keeping in mind of all these factors, The Congress party would deffenetly announce Mr. Siddaramaiah was the CM Candidate of Karnataka, who had successfully run the government for 5 years in the past.