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Hyderabad based All India Robotics Association announced to make India’s indigenously built Defence Robots

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Hyderabad: The All India Robotics Association (AIRA), a Hyderabad-based trade body of the Robotics industry in India today announced the commencement of making India’s indigenously built Defence Robots.  Mr. Kisshhan P.S.V, is the Chairman of the two years old AIRA.  This announcement was made at Hyderabad on the eve of India’s Republic Day.

Defense robots are professional service robots that are deployed by the military in combat scenarios. They are often intended to enhance a soldier’s existence. While India is making much advancement in the defense sectors, AIRA would like to contribute with Advanced Defence Robot on behalf of the robotics sector, disclosed in a press note issued by AIRA.

Robot will be formally unveiled on 15th August 2022

The robot will be formally unveiled on 15th August 2022 and will be dedicated to the Country. Their aim is to develop a couple of them and send them for testing. Once they are proved effective, more will be manufactured depending on the needs of the army. These are made only for the Indian Army by AIRA on its own. AIRA as a trade body is also encouraging various startups across the country to be part of this prestigious project. This is to show the unity of robotics startups around the country and also to dedicate this robot to the nation by every robotics startup in the country, the release added.

AIRA will soon call startups for participation in this project. 60% of the robots will be developed by engineers in AIRA and 40% of the robots will be developed by all the robotics startups collectively. AIRA is developing the robots with inputs from veterans, however, AIRA will soon take inputs from the Indian Army and develop this project.

We will strive hard and will not leave any option which will make India the global leader in Robotics, the release stated.

On the other hand, AIRA is also working closely with Last-Mile Delivery Robotics startups and working closely with organizations and governments in creating policies. Robots have just started transforming the logistics industry. AIRA will fuel and revolutionize the way goods are moved and delivered in India, added Srinivas Madhavam, Board of Director, AIRA & Founder, Exprs

AIRA is also initiating the establishment of free robotics labs across the state of Telangana. It is aiming to create both engineers and technicians in the next 5 years to support the robotics industry. The program, according to Mr. Charan Lakkaraju, Director Education of AIRA,  is designed by many experts and this will be a milestone for making robotics for everyone and robots for good. According to him, AIRA will create its chapters across educational institutions in the state to impart the latest skills and make them interact with robotics experts and learn firsthand information from them. These chapters will also run hackathons to build the skill pool needed for the robotics industry in the future.

AIRA is thankful to every stakeholder, member, board members, and especially Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, IT & EC, Govt of Telangana. for his vision on robotics and his constant support, the release added.  The All-India Robotics Association, AIRA, is a not-for-profit trade body of Robotic enterprises, the first in the country.  The purpose of AIRA is to support, nurture and create robotics business opportunities in India. Its vision is to make India the global leader in robotics production and technologies, in Telangana AIRA works with and under the guidance of Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, IT & EC, Govt of Telangana.

Media release issued by Solus Media