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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with The Man Company’s #ScentOfAGentleman

Celebrate Valentines Day with The Man Company s ScentOfAGentleman Pic

The campaign celebrates the spirit of true gentlemen, who inadvertently fill our hearts with warmth by their kind and humble essence. The brand has released a soul-stirring video with #ScentOfAGentleman theme devoted to men standing strongly behind their partner’s success. In view of V-Day, the brand has released a heartening video campaign that acknowledges the spirit of a gentleman who wins hearts with kindness, humbleness, and pure goodness

Scent Of A Gentleman campaign

[The Man Company] – The month of eternal love, boundless appreciation, and pure heartwarming mellowness is around the corner. Welcoming the V-Day month, The Man Company, India’s leading homegrown men’s grooming essential brand, has launched a noteworthy #ScentOfAGentleman campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to appreciate the little gestures of kindness, humbleness, and goodness done by men in all innocence that stays in the hearts of receivers for years to come. Especially in the context of Valentine’s Day, the brand aspires to recognize every man standing firmly behind their partner’s success.

 The characteristics of a true gentleman are no longer hidden gems that can only be found in classic literature. They are between us, living seemingly average lives, and making an ordinary day extraordinary by simply having a kind and humble attitude. They make everything remarkable by just adding a dash of kindness and tossing it with a subtle, loyal and warm-hearted approach leaving behind an elusive lingering scent of sheer love.

Campaign begins with a heartwarming digital film

The campaign begins with a heartwarming digital film, which is the story of two characters, seemingly picked from the ocean of couples going strong today. One of them is a doctor, who, like many others, has completely engrossed her life in saving others in the wake of the pandemic. Fast forward to V-Day, the highly-anticipated day that every couple tries to make extra special and kindle a new spark in their love-live. The doctor enters home late in the night and is surprised by a well-decorated room silhouette while the partner is unperturbed dozing on the couch.

 Gauging the situation, she nudges her partner to apologize and get a warm smile of understanding in return. No-fuss, no drama, and no tantrums — the duo lovingly have a romantic homemade candlelight dinner, prepared all by the partner staying at home. Watching her husband setting the table, the wife (doctor) feels warmth and goosebumps. She then proceeds to give a gift to her husband, congratulating him on the promotion. And when the confused husband asks what promotion? She simply states, “from a man to a gentleman.” Watch the full video here

 This begs the question, is your partner a gentleman too? And have you appreciated his seemingly accidental and innocent gestures of kindness? No? This Valentine’s Day, join hands with The Man Company. Celebrate the heartwarming actions of your partner that positively impacted your lifestyle. Let them know that even a tiny considerate gesture from their side can fill you with positivity.

A beautiful soul that unintentionally impresses even a stranger

 Mr. Hitesh Dhingra, Founder, The Man Company said, “A beautiful soul that unintentionally impresses even a stranger with his down-to-earth charisma, goodwill, and cordiality towards others is the definition of a gentleman. Someone who unwittingly leaves the essence of goodness – ‘the scent of a gentleman’ and affects everyone who meets him in best or worst times. This Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate the scent of a gentleman and acknowledge their part in making this world a better place.

 Further, Mukesh Vij, Founder, Hashtag Orange – the creative agency behind the campaign, added “Our intent behind the campaign wasn’t just to create a Valentine’s Day campaign, but to begin a conversation about the scent of those gentlemen who surround us; a conversation that bears the lingering taste of their good deeds, of their gentleness, of the affection, of the care. And here we are, with a campaign that has a soul, a heart, and an everlasting scent – #ScentOfAGentleman.

With the #ScentOfAGentleman campaign, The Man Company is taking forward its legacy to encourage the ethos of a true gentleman. In the past, the brand has released campaigns under the hashtag #ForAllKindsOfLove and received massive traction from the community. 

 The #ScentOfAGentleman video campaign is now live, and users can access it here One can also share the appreciation note for partners in the comment section or write to The Man Company. To make it more exciting, the campaign also includes an exclusive pack, with four unique fragrances, by The Man Company, containing premium-grade men’s grooming essentials. This includes Classic Daily Kit (Blanc & Perfume), Party Started Kit (Noir & Perfume), Everyday Joy Kit (Joy & Kopar), and Evergreen Kit (Citron & Vert). Gift it to your partner and appreciate the gentlemanly efforts they put into supporting you through thick and thin.

About The Man Company

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