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ATHER grabed the market attention by NIRVANA FILMS

Ather scooters ad by Nirvana films

Ather Electric Scooters grabbed the market attention with its series of brand films by NIRVANA FILMS. Speaking about its unique specifications, the brand films make you feel something special about Ather’s Electric Scooters, Which firmly wants you to experience the ride. With its ultimate option of reverse gare, which is unusual and not seen in the Indian scooter market, Indian bikers will definitely applaud Ather’s facility on the roads.

When we have to talk about the brand films by NIRVANA FILMS for Ather, your eyes will be mesmerized and make you feel like you are watching a Harry Potter series, and WOW. And, Series of its films speaks about the uniqueness of the scooter, which includes the reverse gear, its wide display by which you do not need to use your phone for checking the map en route. When you are searching for destine map bringing your phone out from your pocket, the Ather’ists will go forward leaving you behind. And its charging specification, app facilities are must be lauded.


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Goodbye scooter. Meet Ather 450X.

All Brain. All Power. All Electric. Everything you imagined your next ride to be and beyond. The Ather 450X.

Never take your phone out when you ride.

A 17.78 cm (7″) LCD display for everything you need to see on your ride – from navigation to incoming calls to nearest charging points.

Quick. Exhilarating. Fun.

Engineered ground-up with a singular focus on performance, the Ather 450X is a sheer joy to ride. Out accelerate everyone with a twist on the throttle, cruise at top speeds, and criss-cross across the city on a single charge.

  • 80 km/h
  • 3.3 s
  • 116 km

Riding- Water-resistant 67 rated pressure die-cast aluminum battery pack.
Time we save your back centrally mounted mono-shock suspension in the rear
Stop. With two disc brakes – front & rear

Work out your legs later. Get your scooter off slopes, tight parking spots, or uneven terrain with the reverse assist.


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Never go to refuel again. Meet Ather Dot. A dedicated, connected and easy-to-install home charger to recharge your Ather 450X in your own parking space.

0 – 80 % in 3 hours 35 min
– Check charge status remotely
– through Ather app
– In-built auto cut-off &
– surge protection
– Hassle-free installation by Ather or your local electrician

Charging- Away? Charge.

Fast charge your Ather 450X at any of the Ather Grid public charging points in your city. Find one on the Ather app or on the dashboard. Going on a long ride? Carry a portable charger along.

Upto 15 km in 10 min
Check charge status
remotely through Ather app
Charge at any 5A plug point
with a portable charger
Charge for free at Ather
Grid till Sep’21


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Mobile app- Keep an eye on your Ather

One app for everything Ather. Connect to the scooter, charger, and the cloud to access information & features remotely.

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