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Assam woman suffering from (pituitary tumour) Brain, successfully treated by doctors of KIMS Icon hospital


Procedure performed through the nose by Dr. Sai Balaramakrishna ENT Specialist

Visakhapatnam: Tumours are hard to detect. Doctor consultation must be done when mild symptoms are visible. Otherwise, they will lead to serious complications. A housewife from Assam had a similar condition and the details were explained by a Consultant ENT surgeon at KIMS Icon Hospital Visakhapatnam, Dr. Sai Balaramakrishna.

Doctors found a tumor in the Brain

“A 43-year-old housewife Kumari from Kamrup(Name Changed) district of Assam had a severe headache. Thinking of it as a migraine, she took the treatment for the same. From then, she observed a significant decrease in the bleeding during menstruation but didn’t take it seriously. After that, there was a reduction in vision in the right eye, so she went to the doctor.

After the medical examination and on investigations, doctors found out that there is a tumor in the Brain. Tumours like this are very rare and the chance of occurrence is one in a thousand. This is a genetic problem. She came to the KIMS Icon hospital of Visakhapatnam.

After MRI examination, it was found to be a pituitary tumor of around 3 centimeters. Surgery for the tumor was performed. If this was not performed on time, there might have been a risk of an increase in the size of the tumor, compressing of the optic nerve.

This might result in complete loss of vision of the right eye along with an increase in pressure on the other side also. the pituitary gland can get affected leading to hormone imbalance and thyroid problems. Also, there is a chance of occurrence of diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, and an increase of pressure in the brain which might lead to coma and death.

Procedure performed through latest technology

Normally, the tumors are removed by cutting from outside by opening the Skull. But, in this case, a high-definition Nasal endoscope was used and the tumor was removed through the nose. CUSA instrument, MICRODEBRIDER, and TISSEEL Glue, Merocel Peck, all High equipment and Materials have been Used As she is a mid-aged lady, she still has a lot of responsibilities in her life. She is now out of danger after the procedure and has come for follow-up after 4 months of surgery and she has regained the lost vision of the right eye and performing all her work Normally.

We have done successful surgeries for brain tumors, eye tumors Through Nose in the past. she needs to undergo regular follow-up examinations for about 5 years. As this is a complicated surgery, departments of neurosurgery, ophthalmology, endocrinology, radiology, anesthesia have participated in this,” explained Dr. Sai Balaramakrishna.