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Asana makes Life Aasaan- TakaTak by Moj launches ‘#YogaSeHoga’ on the International Yoga Day

YogaSeHoga Campaign Image

20th June 2022, India: On this International Yoga Day, TakaTak by Moj, India’s leading short video app, launched an exclusive #YogaSeHoga initiative with the intent of encouraging people to break away from their sedentary lifestyle. Through this campaign, the brand addresses the importance of including Yoga in one’s daily routine as the ultimate solution to all new-age problems.

For this initiative,  TakaTak by Moj has announced a challenge inviting participants to find Yoga asanas in situations around them and share quirky videos of themselves practicing any asanas, giving the exercise a fun twist.

For example, when bombarded with constant spam calls, try Anulom Vilom (Keep Calm Asana), or Shavasana (Kaam-Chor Asana) to escape from homework or household chores, and when everything seems to be going wrong in one‘s life, try Shirshasana (Ulta-Seedha Headstand) because once can literally see life from a different angle – and hence establishing the campaign’s core idea, ‘Har asana mein chupa hai life aasaan banane ka samadhan!’ Thus, creating some fun yet informative content pieces that instill a sense of humor and reliability.

The week-long campaign culminates on the 21st of June, with the brand giving five lucky creators a chance to feature on the Discover page of Takatak by Moj.


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Celebrating the campaign in the spirit of International Yoga Day, Parul Menghani – VP & Head of Content, TakaTak by Moj, said, “This International Yoga Day, TakaTak by Moj is excited to put a playful spin on traditional yoga asanas. The campaign aims to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle, as Yoga is one of the healthiest and simplest kinds of exercise for overall well-being.

By encouraging our users to incorporate Yoga into their daily routine, we hope to send out a strong message that it is important to make time for your health in order to maintain an optimal state of physical and mental wellbeing.”

So, if you want a quick fix to your problems, grab your phone, download the TakaTak by Moj app, and be inspired to transform your life with these quirky asanas kyunki sab sahi toh sirf #YogaSeHoga!