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AP Politics: A political battle to the extent of personal attack

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We all have witnessed an unprecedented war of words between the ruling Yuvajana Sramika Raitu Party (YSRCP) and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Andhra Pradesh, during the Assembly session on Friday ended up leading the Opposition Leader Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu breaks down while addressing the media, for allegedly dragging his members of the family to attack politically.

The Assembly sessions which commenced after the landslide victory of YSRCP in the Municipal and Local body polls (Including Kuppam, The own Assembly constituency of Mr. Naidu, where YSRCP won the election) in Andhra Pradesh witnessed a heated ambiance and led both the parties’ leaders to utter the words to attack personally. 

The election result of Kuppam is being termed as the end of the political career of Mr. Naidu in AP, by the YSRCP leaders. The political experts claim that the humiliating setback for TDP in Kuppam may further trigger to emerge an alternative opposition in the state, adding that the beleaguered TDP has fewer possibilities in the state to emerge as the many opposition Party for the 2024 General Elections in the state.  

TDP word attack against the ruling party

In view of all the theories doing rounds in the political circles, the existence in the assembly was reportedly presumed to be an insult by TDP and initiated for the word attack against YSRCP, asking to debate on the status of investigation of YS Vivekanand (Chief Minister’s Uncle) murder case. Further, TDP went to the extent of seeking to discuss the alleged injustice being done by Mr. Jaganamohan Reddy to his mother and sister, which were not listed as debated issues in the Assembly Business Procedure for the day. With these demands, TDP trigged the gun at YSRCP and hatched a political strategy to corner the ruling party, aiming not to let them speak about the election results. 

The sudden demands by TDP created chaos in the assembly and made YSRCP members infuriated to sharpen their swords against the Opposition. The YSRCP member Ambati Rambabu sought the opposition to discuss on Madhava Reddy case, which was allegedly linked to Mr. Naidu. In between the political turmoil, Mr. Naidu reportedly felt to be insulted and pledged to return to the Assembly house again after being elected to power.  

Later, while addressing the media Mr. Naidu objected to dragging his wife into the political battel and attacking his family members personally. He broke down during the press conference for the alleged allegations by the ruling party. But, Chief Minister YS Jagan denied Naidu’s allegations and said his party members didn’t utter disparaging comments. 

Primitive politics reminds value of past

The whole political developments in the state of AP took a new shape and turned to be the hotspot for the political debates. The recent political activities in AP remind us of the beauty of primitive politics and the fairness of debates in the Assembly in the past. We used to witness health debates in the past with considerable discussion on the subject. However, blaming politics, from ruling and opposition parties, dragging and making family members an issue to level allegation mutually in AP needs to be stoped to enhance their value among people and maintain dignity in the politics to extend the fruitfulness to the coming generations.