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Agencies and brands must focus on Nativity

Bigbasket- advertisment in print media

The conventional advertising agencies, which are having their existence in the market, are not focusing on the nativity in which they are delivering their work. Reportedly it is becoming a distract factor of businesses, for which companies are paying the price. When any indigenous or an international brand decides to reach out to the locally targeted consumers, they must focus on the diversities.

Because in India every state has its own language and culture, which replicates the nuances between the boundaries. Diversities changes in India for every fingertip count kilometers. Keeping this in mind, brands and agencies must focus on their approach natively, by which the brands can create the possibilities to be adopted by the local consumers. The only way to get noticed by the consumers and to grab their attention is to introduce the business with the inclusivity of their culture, in which language is the top essential factor.

When you have decided to reach out to the targeted audience, why don’t you make that process intuitively more adaptable in nature. In this #bigbasket #jacketAd, published in #thehindu, content written, to reach out the #Telugu audience, meaningly notion is in Telugu but written in #English. Must have been written #ప్రతి రోజు తక్కువ ధరలు
Sarcastically: Can’t dismiss the possibilities of the Telugu copywriter might be on leave
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