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About Sri Ramanujacharya Swami – He wrote 9 scriptures, the Navrathnas

Statue of Equality - Sri Ramanujacharya

About Sri Ramanujacharya Swami

Sri Ramanujacharya Swamiborn in 1017 CE, at Sri:pe:rumbudur, India is revered worldwide as a Vedic philosopher, social reformer and one of the most important exponents of Sri Vaishnava tradition. About thousand years ago, Ramanujacharya Swami brought every sect of the society together – common man, bureaucrats, elite and rulers. He firmly believed that all are equal in the eyes of God; everyone has the right to chant the profound manthra – ashta:ksharimahamanthra. The knowledge of the manthrapaves path to alleviate anyone from any kind of sorrow by imparting true understanding of what life is, what the goal is, what are the hurdles, what is the means to attain your goal.

The world is one body, each part has its significance and role to play. Realise your role and relish the oneness; take care of each part for the sake of protecting the whole. Your eyes shed tears when your feet get hurt. Your legs take you to a doctor when your stomach is upset. You and I may have different colour, practice a different faith system, have different skills – but we all must work together like the parts of the body do, because we all belong to one universal supreme power, God.

Many got inspired

Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Narayana institutions, schools of thought like ISKON and many others have all taken inspiration from the works of Sri Ramanujacharya Swami. Inspiration for all Bhakthi sects prevailing in the world today, inspiration to Annamacharya, Thyagaraja, Kabir, Meera bai.

Today, we enjoy the freedom of equality to an extent, but there are still so many differences that are leading us to dominate and hate others. The samatha Sandesh, the message of equality in its complete sense is beautifully revealed by Sri Ramanujacharya Swami that can keep us all together. The word ‘Equality’ has become just a slogan. The need of the hour is the effulgence of Sri Ra:ma:nu:ja’s ideology. His form and his words can inspire society. What better time to experience this inspiration, than the millennium of his birth.

Sri Ramanujacharya wrote 9 scriptures, the Navrathnas.

  • Vedartha-Sangraha
  • Sri Bhashya
  • Gita-Bhasya
  • Vedanta-Dipa
  • Vedanta-Sara
  • Saranagati-Gadya
  • Sriranga-Gadya
  • Shri Vaikuntha-Gadya
  • Nitya-Grantha

BHAGAWAD RAMANUJACHARYA’S MESSAGES-Shed your ego, serve all beings as service to God, serve society which is the universal form of God, nobody is infallible, do not humiliate anyone, what is of supreme importance is purity of mind and deed.