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70-yr-old man beats Covid-19 infection after fighting it for over “40 days”

Century Hospital

Hyderabad: Doctors at Century Hospital, a leading multi-specialty healthcare provider in the city today announced they have cured a 70-year-old patient who had been fighting it for over 40 days.

The patient, Mr. C N Murthy, a resident of Bowenpally, consulted Dr. D Arunkumar, Consultant Nephrologist on February 24th with complaints of fever for 3 days. He first experienced rising body temperature on January 20th this year, along with cough and sore throat. His RT-PCR test came positive for ‘Omicron’ on January 22nd, and ever since he was put under symptomatic medication. However, days and weeks after, he continued to stay Covid-19 positive, and already a frail looking person, Mr. Murthy further lost over 5 kgs bodyweight which was a cause for concern.

Immunosuppressants are the reason

Commenting on the condition, a team of doctors consisting of Dr. D Arun Kumar, Consultant Nephrologist, and Dr. P Rohit Reddy, Consultant Pulmonologist, Century Hospital said, “Even after four weeks into infection, the patient did not develop any Covid-19 antibodies, which is a rarest of the rare phenomenon. By the time he was brought to Century Hospital, active covid pneumonia was diagnosed, and also functioning of his vital organs like kidneys started to deteriorate. This is when we had to dig into his medical past to ascertain the problem. This patient had multiple health complications like Vasculitis and Brain Tuberculosis since 2010. While brain tuberculosis has been cured, Mr. Murthy is on immunosuppressants for Vasculitis. After going into the patient’s health background, we realized immunosuppressants are the reason for this prolonged Covid-19 infection.”

“Patient did not have any history of hypertension or diabetes, yet his kidney got impacted. Covid-19 infection not only affects lungs but can also affect kidneys function, especially among the elderly, or those suffering from diabetes or hypertension, or if they are using immunosuppression medicines. In this case, we assessed the exact problem and stopped past medication, post which the patient started to respond positively to the treatment. In a week, the patient’s vital parameters are normal and are now cured of Covid-19 infection too and got discharged from the hospital today,” added by the team of doctors.

This victim of novel coronavirus did not take precautionary vaccination, while nearly 100 million population in the country are vaccinated at least with the first dose. We heard many narratives which claimed Omicron to be a milder variant, but even this variant could have varied presentations and might hit older or less immune sections hard. It is important we do not take any Covid-19 variant lightly and vaccination is the best available means to tackle the problem.

About Century Hospital:

Century Hospital is a purpose-built 220 bedded modern super specialty hospital in the heart of Hyderabad. It is the only hospital to be built as per NABH and Fire Safety guidelines. Century Hospital team includes medical professionals, nurses, allied health professionals such as pharmacists and physiotherapists, social workers, volunteer services, support staff, and palliative care specialists.